Fun Facts About Dental Implants

If you’re one of the many Brook Park residents searching for a great tooth restoration technique, dental implants offer the best choice. While costlier than some alternative restoration options, dental implants offer a more natural looking tooth that makes life easier. While you likely have lots of questions as you consider dental implants, such as what kind of dentist does implants brook park, how much will it cost, etc., you can stand to use a few fun facts about the procedure as well.

A Lot of People

There are more than three million people in America using dental implants but you probably wouldn’t know that. Dental implants look more like the natural teeth and cannot be spotted as easily as dentures. Another 50,000 people visit their dentist to learn more about the implants procedure every year.

A Spaceship Design

Tooth implants do not look like spaceships but they do share something in common. Both are made from strong, heavy-duty titanium materials. This material allows lifelong dental implant usage without worry.

Bye, Bye Cavities

Dental implants must be cared for like natural teeth, although there is no worry about cavities. You cannot get a cavity in an implant, but there is still plenty of reason to brush, floss and otherwise take care of your implants.

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Financing Available

Many people are saddened by the fact that insurance policies usually exclude dental implant coverage since it is a cosmetic procedure. The good news is that financing options exist, making the costs easier on your budget.

A Rock Tooth

Dental health has improved significantly over the years and while today’s implants are made from strong titanium material, it’s not always the chosen product. During the Mayan times, rocks were used to replace missing teeth. Now if that doesn’t give you another reason to smile, nothing will!